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Assigning durations for characters in lengthy events

Fri, 04 Aug 2017 01:17:03 GMT

I'm on Aeon Timeline 2 using the fiction timeline layout for an historical novel I'm writing. One of the events is The Granada War, which lasted a full decade. None of the characters in my book fought through the whole war. Some entered the war midway through (due to age) and others left partway through (due to injury/death). How do I ascribe durations for a relationship between a character and an event without breaking up the event into smaller ones. If this isn't possible, would it make more sense to add nested events to the War and assign the characters to those instead? (The challenge with this is that not all characters have a noteworthy event in the war, but I still want to quickly and easily see the dates during which they actually fought in the Granada campaigns.) Thank you!

Fri, 04 Aug 2017 12:01:19 GMT

The use of nested events would be one method. Another approach might be to create an event for each combatant which marks the start/end of their service. "William at War", "Frederick at War", etc... If you create an arc named "Granada Combatants" and put all of the above events in that arc, you can show/hide/filter as you see fit yet still have access as needed to a nice timeline of who entered and exited the war. The down side of this approach is that you have to manually sync the date for the death of a combatant in both the character entity and the combatant event.