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Birth/Death & Lifespans Confusion

Sun, 11 Jul 2021 15:25:10 GMT

I've read a few posts and this seems so necessary yet so unintuitive. I would like to believe it's possible, but I may not be getting it. I want to use this app for studying history and when I want to see the lifespan of say, Thales 624-546 BCE, I can either: 1. Create two distinct events — birth and death — and assign those in the manage entities window, but then I get two single entries diamonds on different rows in the timeline and not a continuous lifespan. this is also a lot of steps. 2. Alternately I can create a lifespan event, but then it can only be assigned to the birth in the manage entities window as assigning it to the death gives it the same date as the birth. 3. I can assign a birth and death in the manage entities window, but then there is no event on the timeline. Seems being able to indicate the birth and death in this window and automatically create a lifespan event would the easiest and most intuitive, but not sure why it's so complicated. None of these really addresses what I assume is a very common need (as evidenced by the number of posts on this subject even going back to 2017). Is this really the way it is, or am I missing something?

Sun, 11 Jul 2021 16:51:09 GMT

I'd like to add also that having to enter redundant dates & information for a person as well as the lifespan event, going back and forth between windows, and added to that, that you can't create people, locations, etc. from the manage entities window (you only select existing ones from there.. you have to go to the "roles" tab of the info panel to create new items), makes this process so tedious and prone to human error, that I'm amazed this hasn't been addresses yet... (again, unless I'm just missing out how to do this)...

Mon, 12 Jul 2021 01:44:48 GMT

Hi, Unfortunately there isn't a way to do this in the current version of Aeon Timeline. You are correct that you can't have an event that displays the lifespan of a person, and also have their birth/death dates tied to the start and end date of this event. We do realise that this isn't ideal for people, and it is something that we have changed in version 3, so that you can create people with birth/death dates and have this show up like an event on the timeline. People can also be edited in the inspector, so this makes the process of assigning information to a person or other entity types less complicated. You should be able to add people, locations etc. from the Manage Entities window in the current version. If you open the window and click on one of the entity types (eg. Person, Character, Location etc), it should expand to show all the currently created entities, but then also have a green plus sign next to the heading. If you click on the green plus sign, the n it will add a new entity to the list, in which you can edit the details. Let us know if this is not working for you. Jess

Mon, 12 Jul 2021 06:10:26 GMT

Thanks for answering. I'm glad to hear this feature is coming! And sorry, I made a mistake: I meant that when you add an event, you cannot add a person/place/etc. that isn't already created like you can in the info pane on the right. That means that when creating an event, I have to either create the person/location first and then select it. Or I have to close the event, create a person/location, and then go back to the event. then in the manage entities, you have to again put in the death date. thanks again!