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Calendar for another planet (different year and day length)

Sun, 18 Oct 2020 20:27:05 GMT

I'm a new user and hoping I didn't hit an insurmountable obstacle on day one of setting up this timeline software. Please tell me someone has figured out how to have non-standard day and year lengths. I'm working on an SF book that takes place on another planet, not even in Earth's solar system, so it makes no sense to use an earth standard year and day length. Planet is an earth colony, so will use earth standard seconds and minutes, but day length is 25hrs & 18 minutes, with an extra "midnight" hour with 78 minutes. Year length is roughly 7,208 local days, broken into 12 months with sixty days each, plus an 8 day extra period for calendar adjustment. "Weeks" are 10 days. The colonists also reference earth standard time, and there's an indigenous species with its own method of time reckoning, but I can create a tool to translate those from the colony time easily enough when I need to reference them. Translating from earth standard to colony time would make my head explode, as I wouldn't know local time of year or time of day looking at the timeline. Help?

Mon, 19 Oct 2020 03:58:32 GMT

Hi, Unfortunately while Aeon Timeline does offer the ability to create your own custom calendars, it has limitations on what you can customise, so you won't be able to create the calendar you are asking for here. Aeon Timeline will let you create a calendar with different number of days in a month, days in a week, and months in a year. You can also choose how many hours are in a day, however unfortunately at this time you can only choose hours precision, so a day couldn't be 25 hrs + 18 minutes (only 25 hours). You can also create calendar which contains leap years, however at the moment these can only be in the same format as our current calendar (eg. every 4 years, but not every 100 etc.). So you wouldn't be able to create a calendar that has an 8 day extra period for calendar adjustment, unless this happens to occur at the same frequency as our current leap year system. We have had requests before for a more flexible custom calendar system, so it is something we plan to improve in the future. Jess

Sun, 25 Oct 2020 22:13:41 GMT

Is this likely to be coming in Aeon 3? I'm going to try to set up with as close as I can get for now, because I can't find anything better, and just build a translator between date systems with precision. Days that are accurate to within an hour and years that are accurate to within a month are close enough for high level plotting. As I get further into this project I will want more accuracy. Hopefully there will be a straightforward way to convert the calendar when the new feature is released! -jennifer

Mon, 26 Oct 2020 01:02:51 GMT

Hi Jennifer, It isn't something that is going to be in the initial release of Aeon Timeline 3, however we are planning to provide the opportunity for people to provide feedback on new features to be added after the initial release, so the probability of this would determine when we would add it as a new feature. Jess