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Custom Fantasy calendar feature request and bug reminder

Sun, 22 May 2016 08:04:06 GMT

Hi I have created a custom fantasy calendar to track multiple RPG campaigns in the White Wolf Exalted world, and how they have interacted. The calendar of the world is somewhat crazy, containing 15 months, each with 4 weeks with seven days and 25 hours per day. The problem is that there is also a 5 day period after each year called Calibration that stands beyond the yearly calendar. Creating Calibration as a month of divergent length is no problem, but it messes up the weekday order, as Calibration only has 5 days (which are simply numbered, not named). For now, I've solved it by simply making Calibration also 7 days, and ignoring the last two where relevant. Another problem I've had (and I reported this on the old forums), is that when creating the custom calendar, there is too little room in the column where you edit Eras/Months/Weekdays to see clearly when names are somewhat long, and that when the names line-wrap, the scrollbar does not function properly. Given enough Eras/Months/Weekdays, the lowest ones will not be visible.