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Time End Calculating Incorrectly

Sun, 02 May 2021 16:48:06 GMT

Hi. I've created a non-standard calendar for my novel but the end time of the events are being calculated incorrectly. As on the example attached to this message, the start time of event 4 is 19:00:00. The duration is set to 2 hours and the end time calculates to 24:00:00 instead of 21:00:00. Setting the duration to 1 hour works, and the end time is set correctly to 20:00:00, but then increasing it to 2 hours then gives me the same incorrect time again. I've checked and the events aren't connected to each other or nested parent / child etc.), so just can't figure out what is wrong. Is this a bug of some description? I've checked the vorum posts but can't seem to find anything posted about it. Can you advise please? Cheers - Graham. [Time issue](//

Mon, 03 May 2021 06:06:31 GMT

Hi Graham, Unfortunately this looks like a bug for timelines that have changed the number of hours in them from a standard day (eg. it looks like yours is set to 21:00). In the standard calendar, the end of the day is often expressed at 24:00:00 instead of 0:00:00 on the next day to make the date range look cleaner. It looks like the bug is involved in this conversion, where it is still converting the end of the day to 24:00:00 instead of the new one of 21:00:00. As you can see the bug does not appear on the actual timeline, but just in the inspector, so the internal date of the event is correct. Unfortunately there is no way around this at the moment, however it is an issue that should only appear if your event is going to end at the exact end of the day. Jess