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View full names for Eras/Months/Days after creation

Sat, 02 Dec 2017 00:21:15 GMT

When the calendar is blank, you can view/change the eras and months, having a full name and a short name. Once it is created, or you're opening a calendar from AT1, you don't have the option of changing those settings anymore. I'd like to be able to open it up and reference it after at least, but I can't seem to find a way to do it. Example: Era Name: Before Dragons Short Name: BD Counts backwards Era Name: Age of Trolls Short Name: AoT Duration: 300 years And then my years would all show up -10 BD and 225 AoT, which the way I would want the to look. But then I add events and I can't go in to find out BD or AoT full era name is anymore. Where can I see that? How can I get that to display, even just sometimes? (This became an issue after I spent a caffeine induced weekend working out 75,000 years worth of dates and timelines in a fantasy realm in AT1, took an involuntary break for 15 months, and loaded AT2 on a new computer, opened the file, and had absolu tely no clue what I had named any of the eras. CD? is it common days? Climate Decay? Crystal Dragon? Compact Disk? Who knows? I certainly don't.)

Sat, 02 Dec 2017 02:03:34 GMT

Hi, Unfortunately there is no way to view a custom calendar once events have been added, however it is on our list to add this ability in the future. What you can do in the meantime as a workaround is to go to Timeline Settings and click on "Save as Custom Template..". This will save the template (including the calendar) of your current timeline. Then you can create a new timeline from this template from the welcome screen. In the new timeline, go into Timeline Settings and select "Edit Calendar". This will bring you the menu where you can view all the information for the calendar. Since calendars aren't editable after you add events (as how to move events once their calendars have been adjusted can be very complicated), we don't allow anyone to access this menu once events have been added. However we understand how useful it will be to reference custom calendars so we will look at adding a read-only version sometime in the future. Jess

Sat, 02 Dec 2017 07:35:48 GMT

The workaround will work for now, but I do hope an update brings access to a read-only version of the settings soon. It's nice to keep things contained in one file. Thank you for the quick response!