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IOS App Crashes

Sat, 07 Mar 2020 22:42:29 GMT

Hello, really loving Aeon Timeline for a long time - thanks for all the hard work you put into it. I have bought it for all my devices and am enjoying the ability to sync the timelines between devices and have my timelines with me wherever I go. I have recently settled on DEVONthink as my reference document store of choice. In DEVONthink one can copy a link to an individual item in the form of a URL like so: x-devonthink-item://ABCDE-FGHI-JKLM-NOPQ-123456789 In the Mac version I am able to add this link to the entity, and when I click on the open button it correctly takes me to the item in DEVONthink. However, in IOS if I attempt to add the link to the entity I receive the following error message "Please enter a valid url". In addition, while the DEVONthink link added via the Mac version is correctly displayed, if I attempt to click on the link the app crashes. My current workaround on IOS is to add the link via the Location field, but this is suboptimal as it must be copied out of the Locations field and into the browser in order to call up the item in DEVONthink. As I know you are hard at work on the new version I thought I might submit this in hopes of getting the bug resolved in the next IOS version. Many thanks, William

Mon, 16 Mar 2020 00:59:07 GMT

Hi William, Thanks for the kind words, I'm glad you have enjoyed Aeon Timeline. We will look into this for the next iOS version to see if it possible to get the link working, or if not, at least to stop the app crashing for you. Jess