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Conversion to Parent (Historical template)

Tue, 19 Mar 2019 20:15:49 GMT

When I want to assign a new event to a Parent, I am presented with the two options as in the attached screen grab: [Convert to Parent](// 1 - 'Yes', which creates new start and end dates (for the about-to-become Parent), which I understand is in order to preserve the current/existing start and end positions of the parent, and 2 - 'No', which keeps the new Parent's existing start and end dates. If I opt for 1, the disadvantage is that new, separated Events ("Start of…" and "End of…") are created; they split up my Parent! If I opt tor 2, the disadvantage is that the Parent's Range can no longer be changed in the future if I so wish. (Except by 'pushing it out'/expanding it with - unless I'm lucky - 'dummy' (that is, 'filler') Events.) How can I get around this, please? Am I using Parents wrongly? TIA!

Tue, 26 Mar 2019 11:14:06 GMT

Hi, Are you able to clarify what you mean by splitting up your parent? The start and end dates of parent events are determined by the dates of its children. Therefore to change the start and end date of the parent, you need to change the dates of its children. You are correct that this is why we give to option to add the New Start and End Dates, as this allows uses to keep the current dates they have defined for their parent . We understand that this might not be useful for all users, but we added the two options to try to cover the majority of cases. Jess

Thu, 25 Apr 2019 05:02:59 GMT

Thanks, Jess! What I mean by 'splitting' is that the parent event which until I add child events is a single, continuous line representing its span. If I select 'Yes' the (new) parent no longer has such a continuous line - but apparent pseudo-start and pseudo-end sub-events.