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How to design a Timeline of Companies?

Thu, 13 Feb 2020 23:42:02 GMT

I just downloaded the app and went through the tutorial, so I'm still struggling a bit to understand the concepts. I want to design a timeline with about 10-20 companies - each on their own "line" from foundation to date of closure. Some companies don't close though, they are overtaken by others and should merge into those. If I make each company an event, then I can show them below each other, but nothing is shown except the name of the company. I would like to also show the persons (CEOs) and places (where the HQ was located) plus important events in that company's history (when they came out with a new product or such). And I want to see all of this on the same screen and have it expand/collapse. But if I make the CEO and the place an entity, then they aren't displayed with the company. I can group the timelines by CEOs or places, but all that is ever shown is the name of the event (the company name in my case). This leads me to think that I have designed this wrong. Maybe a company isn't an event, but an entity. But what is the event then? Basically I'm looking fo r a simple way to design a central timeline that has several sub-timelines (CEOs, Locations) and "points" (events) that can be clicked and expanded. Is that use case feasible with this software?

Wed, 19 Feb 2020 02:33:31 GMT

Hi, When you say that you wish you could have events that can be clicked and expanded, what kind of thing are you looking for? On Aeon Timeline you can expand events on the timeline to see more information about them by clicking the green arrow that appears when you hover on the event. You can determine which information is shown when you expand the event in Display Settings (the paintbrush icon) under "Display content for expanded events". This is a way that you could show the CEO and place that an event occurred (if you still have them as entities). In terms of whether to have each company as an event, or as an entity, it kind of depends what you are after. If you keep the company as an event, you can use nested events to add all the important events in their history as children to that event (you can read about how to do nested events here: This will kind of group your events under what company they occurred under. If you have a company as an entity, you can group events in the vertical space so that each sectio n would contain the historical events related to that company. I'm not sure exactly if Aeon Timeline can do what you are looking for at the moment, however looking into what items can be displayed on expanded events, and nested events might help you get a better idea. Jess