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Navigating events/entities

Thu, 06 Dec 2018 15:37:53 GMT

Is there a way to quickly navigate events and entities that DOESN'T involve the "first / previous / next / last" arrows down at the bottom of the timeline? I'm experimenting with a simple timeline. I started with two events and a half-dozen characters. The two events happen on the same evening; the whole story takes place over just a day or two, in fact. Then I added a third event as the birthday of one of the characters, who's around 31 years old. Because I'm zoomed in so tightly on the main events, I have to either zoom out so I can get to his birthday or I have to scroll forever. I did try tagging his birthday event as "birthday" in the tags section, but when I tried to search for "birthday" in the search box, nothing came up. I don't want to use first /previous / next / last only because the real story I want to map out is going to have hundreds if not thousands of events -- some spanning decades, some down at the by-the-minute level -- and the idea of having to click through every single one (or futzing with zoom out, scroll, zoom in) is just awful. Thanks!

Sat, 08 Dec 2018 00:50:31 GMT

Hi, At the moment the only way to quickly navigate to an event is to search for its title in the search box. This will jump to the event. Do you have any suggestions of what other kind of navigation you would be after? Jess