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Mon, 04 Feb 2019 23:38:43 GMT

Have searched on 'Note' in the docs, but couldn't find what is considered the best way to add an (informal) annotation to an Event (or for that matter an Entity) such as: 'this is disputed' 'remember to update this on March 1' 'return to verify this after finishing the Smithsonian article' etc! I can see where to add a link - for example, as a quotable source. But I want to be able to put text annotations which are meant as reminders, notes, additions, suggestions, clarifications for me; but are not (necessarily) to be displayed. TIA!

Tue, 05 Feb 2019 01:30:44 GMT

Hi, If you are using the Historical template, you can add notes to an event by selecting the event, selecting the "Values" tab in the inspector, and writing your notes in the "Summary" property. However if you are already using this for something else, or want to rename it since you aren't exactly using it to write a summary, then you can do this in Timeline Settings (the cog icon). Click on properties, then either click on "Summary" to rename it, or click on the green plus sign and you can add a new property called something like "Notes" if you wish, which can by of type "Multi-line Text", which will allow you to write text associated with each event. By default at the moment I think that the Summary property is displayed on the timeline when you expand events, however you can choose what properties to display on expanded events in Display Settings (the paintbrush icon). You will see the heading "Display contents for expanded events" and underneath shows the cur rent information that will be displayed. Under "Other" it shows what information is currently not displayed. You can drag items between the two sections to determine what is displayed or not. Jess

Tue, 05 Feb 2019 02:57:38 GMT

Thanks again, Jess. What great support :-) What a great piece of software too.