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Mon, 20 Feb 2017 17:23:49 GMT

Hi, I'm totally new to AEON. I have it on my system for a while now, but haven't got around to really using it. I'm not into writing or story boarding at all, so the usual examples in this field don't really touch the right string unfortunately.. What I would very much like to be able to do is to drag and drop a mail message onto the AEON timeline. Aeon would then use the date of the message to put the message on the timeline. It would also contain a link to the specific message. Other useful property fields would then be added using the timeline settings. Is any such scenario possible? I've tried drag and drop but Aeon did not accept? Maybe I'm missing something? Thanks for your ideas and help! Erwin

Craig Schiller
Mon, 20 Feb 2017 17:30:11 GMT

That's not what the program's for.

Mon, 20 Feb 2017 18:01:51 GMT

Are there any examples for project management available?

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 02:23:10 GMT

I'm betting legal folks would love to be able to drag a set of documents onto an AT icon/shortcut, and have the program magically create an event for each document with that document's date, and create an image of the first page of each document and attach those to each event, and of course provide a link to the original document. I myself don't need that kind of capability, but it might be a huge timesaver for certain user communities...just thinking out loud.

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 09:18:33 GMT

slrb, Thanks for chiming in. That was indeed what I had in mind. My problem is that I have no experience at all with Aeon, making it far more difficult to imagine possibities. I am convinced something must be possible. I was already thinking of creating a macro or script that would export a number of mail message properties such as to, from, date, subject etc to a temporary csv file and then importing this in Aeon. I was hoping for a bit more of an example in the legal or project area..

Wed, 22 Feb 2017 01:04:28 GMT

Hi, Unfortunately we don't have any available examples for Project Management timelines. However we will we add it to our list of things to add in the future as we agree that it will be helpful for users to have an example available when initially starting out with Aeon Timeline. There is also no ability to drag and drop events into Aeon Timeline at the moment, however it is a reasonable suggestion that we will add to our list of possible features to add in the future. If you are able to export your mail messages to a csv file then you would be able to import this information into Aeon Timeline. You can read our support page on csv formatting for further information if you haven't already at: Jess

Wed, 22 Feb 2017 08:10:19 GMT

Aeonjess, thanks for picking this up. I'll see what I can do with import / export csv. Looking forward to some video / example, preferably project or legal oriented and preferably in depth. I do understand that most users (for the moment) are in the writing or genealogy camp. I had the same experience with scrivener where all the examples were also in the field of novel or whatever writing, and less if not at all in the field of technical writing. I consider it only a plus to demonstrate the polyvalent capabilities of Aeon. Thanks ! Erwin

Thu, 01 Jun 2017 11:13:01 GMT

I also think this is important and requested at least a basic project management template in Oct 2016. You advertise this app for project/legal management, but provide nothing to help people to manage projects. I would suggest bumping this up the priority scale unless Aeon is still mainly focused on writing and not serious project / legal management.

Fri, 02 Jun 2017 17:41:09 GMT

I agree. I really don't see the Gantt chart type of project management functionality. I am only hours new to this so I am hoping something clicks here soon. MS Project it is not...

Craig Schiller
Fri, 02 Jun 2017 17:45:05 GMT

Just a thought: if you need something like MS Project, use MS Project.

Mon, 05 Jun 2017 00:52:45 GMT

Hi, We do offer a project management template in our program currently. We still do have additional example timelines for project management on the list of things to add in the future, and we will take your requests into account in terms of priority. If you are having trouble with seeing how to use Aeon Timeline for your needs, you can email us at and we can help you with more details. Jess

Thu, 09 Nov 2017 20:58:32 GMT

6 months on and still no tutorial or proper template to use AT for project management. Perhaps you should remove this from your home page until you are in a position to help people use your software for what you have advertised it? This app was purchased with the knowledge that you said it was good for project management. However, it seems I'm not the only one for whom it remains a mystery in how to achieve this with AT. Version 2 has sat on my computer for over a year with no use. I certainly won't be interested in the next version and am telling people not to purchase unless they are an author. This is rather sad as I cannot image it is an onerous task for those who created AT to show people how to use it for purposes advertised. The continued development of other features such as Ulyssess and Scrivener sync and the neglect of project management suggests that you are not looking to attract project managers. This begs the question why you have advertised it as such in the first place!

Thu, 09 Nov 2017 23:13:45 GMT

I used AT for project management for several years and I would say that it does exactly what it claims on the web page "Users > Project Managers". I found it invaluable as a visual tool for planning and for sharing with our team. I have used AT2 only as a companion to Scrivener, but the expanded features make it even more inviting for project managers. There is definitely a sweet spot for AT2 that is somewhere between the advanced user who needs the power of MS Project and someone who is keeping track of everything in a spreadsheet or via email. I found the best way to use it was to just dive in and start. It's a very flexible tool and I don't think there is any "correct" way to do things. I'm not sure how much value there would be in a tutorial specific to project managers. Most of the features are quite generic. You will discover possibilities as you work and you start to get inventive with the options it presents. Once you get into it, if you have specific questions, come to the forums. You will find the AT2 community to be a pretty helpful bunch.

Thu, 09 Nov 2017 23:24:10 GMT

I'm sure the software will do what it says, the difficulty is in achieving this. Some kind of walkthrough for projects would have been super useful. Yes I could spend hours playing around with various bits here and there, but I expected it to be far more intuitive for projects, which I don't think it is. Looking at forum posts I am not the only one. I appreciate that for people who have invested a lot of time into the app they can do this not problem, but for new people with a blank project there is way too much friction to manage a project. Add to this that nearly all the help notes talk about characters and stories, it really does not encourage projects. The project template in the app is so basic that not a great deal can be achieved with it. Plus again, no instruction as to how to use it and develop it. There seems to be an assumption that everyone knows how to use.