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Continuing Problems with Web Exporting.

Sun, 20 Nov 2016 21:47:56 GMT

If I export my timeline for web use, all the proper material appears in a separate folder and the aeontimeline.html file behaves (nearly) as I'd expect. But ‘nearly’ prompts 2 questions: 1) All my entities have, in addition to one like for an image, two more to explanatory text files. In the web/browser incarnation, there is no Entity Inspector button, so there appears to be no way to access the addition links. This is not a problem for the 1st link, since it is always to an image which is display when the entity is expanded and double clicking on it opens the image in a local image display software (whatever it happens to be). 2) The links point to files that are maintained in 3 folders that all reside in the same ‘mother folder’ that houses the folder that contain the files which comprise the web incarnation of the timeline. Four folders, all in the same ‘mother folder.’ If I move the entire ‘mother folder’ just as it is, to a different computer the web/browser time line is displayed properly but none of the links (including that for the images) work. Though documen tation explains about direct and indirect link access, I had assumed that move the ‘mother folder’ lock stock and barrel would maintain the link access/paths. But that must not be the case, Can I get some advice and/or a clear(er) explanation of how link accesses work (or don't) when the entire timeline and its supporting data is moved to another drive or computer?

Tue, 30 Jan 2018 12:07:17 GMT

I've the same issue, is bad that the link isn't accessible to my audience on the web site.

Fri, 02 Feb 2018 01:42:38 GMT

Hi, In regards to your first point, while there is no access to the Inspector in Web Export, you are able to create a timeline where you can access multiple links. If you set up your timeline to display Links when an event is expanded (you can do this in Display Settings - the paintbrush icon. You can read up about how to do that here: Once you have set up for Links to be included when you expand your events, if you do another web export, now this time when someone expands the event in the web export, they will be able to access the link. In terms of your second point, at the moment web exporting only keeps absolute links. So if you move the file you are linking to, then the link will no longer work. We understand this is something that is not helpful to people who want to share their timelines, so we are going to be providing a better way to do this in the next update. Jess