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Thanks for supporting flexible CSV input

Sat, 18 Jul 2020 20:05:43 GMT

A while back I discovered I could add start, end, participant, etc., columns in OmniOutliner. Then I could export a CSV file from OO that Aeon would directly read. Yesterday I had 50 or so notes in Curio that I wanted to build a timeline from. That's when I discovered Curio will export the results of a search into a CSV file that Aeon will directly read. I tagged the objects I was interested in with "timeline", searched for that tag, exported from Curio, and imported into Aeon. Instant timeline. I took it a step further and wrote a Python script that gets hints in the form of @@participant=Charles Babbage. That gives me a fully populated Aeon file, including hyperlinks from events back to the Curio object they came from. I can even generate multiple timeline events from a single Curio object, if that's needed. It can be quicker to add events in a spreadsheet format, and that's no trouble, either. Just create a spreadsheet with the appropriate columns, export to CSV, and import into Aeon. Anyway, I'm very happy with the ability to jot down timeline data as I write no tes and then create the timeline with zero effort. Next up, I'm going to write a script to compare an Aeon CSV export with a Curio export so I can find things I changed on the Aeon side. Should be a quick thing. Thanks for open lines of communication in and out of Aeon Timeline. Handy features.