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Nested Events in v2.3.26

Sat, 07 Nov 2020 05:01:53 GMT

The last time I attempted to use Nested Events was several years ago. Back then auto-zoom was so annoying I abandoned any use of the Nested Events feature. Last night I was pleasantly surprised by the improvements in Nested Events. Thanks a million! I'm using Aeon Timeline with Scrivener to plan/write novels. In Scrivener I have folders to represent chapters, and documents in each folder to represent scenes. I'm most interested in the metadata Timeline creates/manages showing up at scene level in Scrivener. But having limited metadata at the chapter level is nice too--such as start/stop times. Because Nested Events had been so painful, for this project I only bothered to sync scenes between Timeline and Scrivener. Then I manually updated times for the chapters in Scrivener. In my current project I realized there were whole groups of scenes that needed to be shoved around in time (forward or backward 1 or 2 days). Manual sync of chapters in Scrivener became confusing, so I tried Timeline's Nested Events feature and was pleasantly surprised. However I discovered a bug. With synchronization on, my technique in Timeline is to select a chapter/folder and create an event (e.g. chapter 65 (they're short, I swear) is titled "65 They Got Some 'Splainin to Do"). Then I select the scenes for that chapter and in the Inspector select the Parent to use (and because the list is so damn long, I use the search feature). Finally I click OK when asked to convert the chapter event into a parent. This worked wonderfully for the first 60 or so chapters, then it started to go all wonky. The generated "Start of... " and "End of..." events began to miss the mark. See screen shot. [AeonTimeline-StartAndEnd](// I was able to manually fix the times, so minimal harm no foul, but still it is a bug. Wish List The auto generation of all those "Start of... " and "End of..." events clutters up the view and clutters up the events list, wasting screen space and making finding real events in the list harder than necessary. Note, 66 chapters means 132 events that are meaningless to me. Start and stop times on the parent event should be adequate. It'd be insanely great if you could get rid of those excess child events. Thanks.

Sat, 07 Nov 2020 05:04:19 GMT

Oh yeah. OS-X v10.15.7

Mon, 09 Nov 2020 01:58:20 GMT

Hi, You will be glad to know there is already an option not to add the start/end child events to a parent event. When you select the event to use for the Parent event, a popup should appears that says: "You are converting this event to a parent container. The start and end positions of parent container events are determined by their child positions. Do you wish to create new start and end child events to preserve the current start and end positions of the event?" Are you seeing this popup? When you say that you then "click OK when asked to convert the chapter event into a parent", is this the popup that you are referring to ? The reason we give the option for people to have automatic start and end events added is for people who have set dates for their parent events that are not necessarily defined by the child events. For example if you were writing a novel partly set in World War 2, you might want a parent event that covers this time. However as this is a fixed date in history, you don't want the dates to automatically adjust to what be the range of the child events you have chosen, which is why there is the option to add the start and end date events. These start and end date events are therefore based on the initial parent events start and end date before the child events are added. So in your example, was the initial date in Scrivener for "65 They Got Some Splainin to Do" Mon 18 Aug 2008 6:35 - 7:35 before you synced it? This would explain what you are seeing. From what I understand you would like it so that the time on the parent chapter event is just the range from the first child event to the last, so it automatically updates when you move one of the child events. If this is so, then you should probably click "No" on the popup that appears, which give you a cleaner timeline without the start/end date events. Jess

Fri, 13 Nov 2020 00:15:05 GMT

Thank you, Jess. Guess I didn't read the popup carefully. I thought it meant something like "are you sure you want to do this?" I also discovered I could safely delete all those extra events. The parent times were set by the earliest and latest child events, so extra events that happened inside those limits had no effect. Since my parent events were existing chapters in Scrivener, and already had times associated with them (some were wrong), converting those to parent events while adding those extra events sometimes put those extra events at the wrong times. Parent/child events are about 1000x better than they were before. Awesome.