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Questions/suggestions about upcoming changes

Fri, 24 Jan 2020 02:57:13 GMT

So, I'm working on a very large-scale history with several different timelines that play out within a larger overall history. The nested events have been a great way of tackling this in most areas, but I am curious about a few things. I'm still exploring the functionality of Aeon right now, but I'm pretty sure there are a few things that I'd LIKE to be able to do, but which aren't possible now. I'm curious if you've thought about them or are planning to include them in an upcoming update. 1) Events visible across different nested timelines. Initially, what I envision is a colored line against the background which marks the time/date of a particular event. For example, if I have a real-world historical timeline tracking both European and American histories, I might want to create a separate parent for each country, but also want to see WITHIN EACH SEPARATE PARENT events from other countries' histories. If I were looking at a timeline of French history, for instance, I might want to make sure I can see the year the USA gained independence after the American Revoluti on -- that is not a point in French history, but the French did play a notable role in the American Revolution, so that date might be relevant for the France "parent" even if it isn't an event that would fall within the French "parent." Does that make sense? Are you planning to include a feature to allow certain events to be seen across different parent groups or across the entire timeline as a whole? 2) I've seen this in another comment, so I won't say much about it. But more color options for events. 3) User interface -- I'd like to be able to compress the lines so I can see more on the screen at once. Any plans to add a feature which gives us some freedom to choose between a few vertical spacing/display options? A comparable example is gmail, which offers "display density" options (default, comfortable, and compact) which essentially change the vertical size of each email. Any plans for a similar thing but for vertical sizes of the events? 4) Also, I'd like to be able to manually position events vertically instead of having them all continually fall below the event which took place previously. I know that if enough "time" on the timeline passes with no events, the vertical spacing sorta resets back to the top of the display, but I'd like to place two separate events along the same horizontal line, but have a space between them. Does that make sense? Any plans for more freedom in vertical placement of events? I think there are a few other things I've forgotten about, but I'll post if I remember an of them! If you need me to elaborate or clarify or provide better examples, I'm more than willing! All in all, I've found Aeon to be very useful. I'm mostly just hoping that we see a deeper dive that allows me to mess with the way events across different parent groups interplay.

Fri, 24 Jan 2020 03:11:16 GMT

5) I'd like to be able to rework the breakdown of units of time. I see we can specify the number of days per month and the number of months per year. I'd like the same freedom to be applied to seconds per minute, minutes per hour, and hours per day. This isn't a huge deal for me, at least for the time being, but it would help in storytelling.

Sat, 25 Jan 2020 15:47:40 GMT

Sorry, I just realized that this should have been posted in the "Wish List" section here. My apologies!

Wed, 29 Jan 2020 05:02:08 GMT

Hi, Thanks for your suggestions about things you would find useful in Aeon Timeline, it is always helpful to know this from users. 1. We are planning to introduce the ability to add vertical markers on the timeline, which you mentioned would be useful. In terms of allowing events to appear across different parent groups, this isn't available, however the ability to group events by entity type does allow you to have the same event appear in multiple groups, although this isn't exactly what you are looking for. You can create a template (via Timeline Settings, the cog icon) that allocates countries to events based upon whether they are located in a country (eg. America and the American Revolution) or just related (eg. France). You can then group these events so that you would see the American Revolution in both the "America" and "France" group. You can read about templates and how to set this up here: and, although feel free to ask anymore questions about this . 2. The user can add more colour options to the template in Timeline Settings (the cog icon). Open this window and click on Colors, then the green plus sign to add a new one. Some previous comments on the forum talk about wanting more colour options at this point, however I wasn't sure you meant this, or just wanting more in the template. 3. You can remove the date display from the event in Display Settings (the paintbrush icon), which reduces the text size shown. Other than that, how would you envision the size of the event reducing? 4. There are currently three settings on how the events are laid out, which you can change in Display Settings under Layout. Unfortunately there is no way to manually define this as it would be quite complicated to define for every zoom level. 5. You currently can change the number of hours in a day (click on a weekday in the custom calendar creation window and you will see the option there). We don't currently have plans to add minutes per hour and seconds per minute, however it is something we will consider when we look to improve the flexibility of the custom calendars. I hope some of this helps, feel free to ask any questions here or at Jess