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Am I reaching for the stars?

Thu, 30 Jan 2020 14:57:55 GMT

I use Scrivener and Aeon in fine cooperation, no problem. The Aeon part has steadily grown as the Scrivener project grew. Now I have the urge to pool 3 years facts into one large file. This has been done in Scrivener and works ok, even the projectfile is about 30GB, containing around 25.000 documents. My problem starts when I want to sync this to a new Aeon-timeline. Right now there are shown 24.484 Unlinked dokuments. but even if I just select one of those, it takes quite a looong time before I may Create Event for just this single item. If I become optimistic and select a range, it will take looooonger, before I can proceed, but then it works. However if I select too many, the only option I get on right clicking on this group is "Move to Trash", which is not my intention at all. :-) So am I straining the Aeon software beyond scope and limits?

Fri, 31 Jan 2020 01:02:30 GMT

Hi, 25000 documents does go beyond what we expected or tested with syncing to Scrivener, so it is likely the large amount is causing the slow down, and you may be reaching the limit. In terms of selecting too many, and only seeing the option "Move to Trash", are you sure all the documents you select are able to be synced? (eg. you haven't accidentally selected a document that has already been synced?) We wouldn't expect the size of documents to cause this, only if the selected documents have different menus. Jess