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Locations and Participants

Mon, 08 Feb 2021 20:24:50 GMT

How do you sync multiple locations and participants? I used Aeon "create custom field" on setting up the sync but it only seems to allow one entry in Scrivener. It doesn't look like scrivener allows a mulitpick list in it's metadata field creation screen. I had this info set up as keywords in Scrivener, which is nice for searches, and they do come over as tags in Aeon, so I can search, but it's not quite as nice as having the participations and locations defined as such. Currently, I'm looking at doing my initial outlining in Scrivener, then creating the timeline in Aeon to check it once I've finished outlining, or updated scrivener text.

Wed, 10 Feb 2021 05:24:24 GMT

Hi, You are able to sync multiple entities (like participants or locations) using the one custom metadata text field created in Scrivener, they just need to be separated by a new line character. This is done automatically if you are syncing from Aeon Timeline to Scrivener, however if you want to enter multiple participants in Scrivener, you can do so in Mac by holding Alt/Option and hitting enter to create a new line. Just add each participant on a new line in the text box in the inspector. Unfortunately in Windows it is a little harder to do this, as they is no easy way to add a new line in the custom metadata text field box in the inspector. However you can do it in outliner view by just hitting Enter to create a new line (you might have to go to View->Outliner Columns" to make sure that the right custom metadata fields are showing. Jess