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Fri, 28 May 2021 23:55:10 GMT

Hi all. I have recently reactivated a writing project been in hiatus for a period. I recently committed to the purchase of Aeon 2 and Scrivener 3. I have also setup a cloud-sync facility for the main backups. The working files are, however, on the computer platforms. I opened the pre-existing Aeon file and attempted to sync with the Scriv project however I get no binder view and all I get is an error stating 'project open elsewhere'. I have followed the support guide detailing how to close and reopen the file - to no effect. I have done this multiple times and in multiple variations. I even attempted to recreate an entirely new Aeon file and sync it to start again - to no effect. Any assistance greatly appreciated. Kind regards.... [Screen Shot 2021-05-29 at 9](//

Sat, 29 May 2021 08:36:25 GMT

Resolved - :-)