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Problems with 2.3.8 Update

Sat, 05 May 2018 22:44:25 GMT

So I upgraded my V of Timeline to 2.3.8 but since doing so, I am struggling to sync with Scrivener. If I open the my Scriv project, I can link stuff from my project to the timeline, but I can't go the other way and drag/drop events from Timeline to Scriv to create new files in the project. When I drag/drop, I get the green tick to say 'ok' but when I release mouse it just doesn't do anything. Major frustration!

Matthew Tobin
Sun, 06 May 2018 04:29:43 GMT

Hi, Thanks for the report and sorry you have been experiencing difficulties with the update. Are you on Mac or Windows? I have just tested this here locally, and dragging events from the timeline into the Scrivener project worked correctly. There may be something specific to your timeline/Scrivener file or your sync settings that is causing this issue. The quickest way to find a solution may be for you to email your timeline and Scrivener project to us, so that I can test with it directly and, if necessary, fix any issue that is causing the problem. Obviously, I understand that this may not be possible or appropriate depending on the content of the file. If you do send it to us, we will always treat the timeline file confidentially and won't share it with anyone else. If you send us the files, we will attempt to reproduce the issue and offer either advice or a fix as quickly as we can. If not, we will need to ask several follow up questions to try to determine why this may be happening, do our best to help work out the cause remotely, which is usually easier to do via a private email channel than a public forum. Please send an email to and we will continue to support you. Thanks, Matt

Matthew Tobin
Sun, 06 May 2018 09:23:22 GMT

For anyone else experiencing this issue: Dragging into Scrivener binder will work from Timeline View, but not from Relationship View. I will release a fix tomorrow that enables dragging correctly from Relationship View also, but in the mean time, you can drag from Timeline View instead as a workaround. Matt