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Ready for Apple Silicon ???

Fri, 04 Dec 2020 21:41:04 GMT

Hi I just got myself a Mac mini M1, 16GB RAM and 1TB SSD, it runs very very nice. there are some quirks that will be settled I am sure, but loading Aeon, it seems it goes slower than on my Intel iMac. Is the code waiting to get the update to M1? or is it just a local problem here??? Palle

Mon, 07 Dec 2020 23:10:40 GMT

Hi Palle, We have tested Aeon Timeline 2 on the new Mac Book Airs with the new Silicon chip, and didn't have any speed issues running in emulator mode. Do you have a specific timeline file that you know runs slower? If so, then if you send it to, this would help us do some more testing. Jess

Wed, 09 Dec 2020 14:16:04 GMT

Possibly I was a bit impatient. It seems to work fine, as such. The spinner came to multiple halts, but very probably caused by waiting to get all the data from the iMac. I have as a temp solution made a copy of my 'worst case' files and put them on the M1, here the performance is similar to the one on the iMac. Scrivener is much faster but then they have made new code for the M1. My iMac is quadcore 4.2Ghz from 2017, 48GB RAM/1TB SSD, (The mini is 16GB RAM/ 1TB SSD) and all data resides on Pegasus 3R4 external TB3 drive, unfortunately Promise is still working in the drivers for the M1, so I cannot switch right away, but I will. the Mini is totally silent, and can be 'On' 24/7. I'll just shut down the LG screen. If / once you get time to add M1 specific code pls let me know Palle

Fri, 18 Dec 2020 11:11:34 GMT

Have just signed up to become beta tester! Look forward to your new opus. Expects great speed improvements :-) I made some simple comparisons between iMac and Mac mini M1: Scrivener huge 31 GB file loads in 34 sec. same file on M1 roads in 25 sec. corresponding aeon file (7MB) loads in 25 sec om iMac, but 54 sec on the M1... so once you make code for the native m1 it must go much faster? syncing those two on iMac takes 165 sec while on M1 it is180 sec! (I am aware that I push the software well beyond intended limits, still it performs great, with patience)