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Syncing synopses?

Thu, 25 Apr 2019 15:39:35 GMT

Hi, Just learning to use Timeline and I can 't find how, or if, syncing to Scrivener can also sync the synopsis in the 'Values' tab. When I open the project in Scrivener, all I have is the event as an index card without any other info that went into the timeline. Am I missing something? Thanks

Sun, 28 Apr 2019 02:15:29 GMT

Hi, Yes you should be able to sync the Synopsis from Scrivener into Aeon Timeline and vice versa. You need to set this up in your project sync settings. When you sync with a Scrivener project, (via the Sync menu), then in the sync binder that opens there is a cog icon in the top left corner. If you click this (or if it is the first time you are syncing with this project, then the window will open automatically), you can choose which values in Aeon Timeline to sync with which fields in Scrivener. If you are using the Fiction template, then if you wish to sync the Synopsis field in Scrivener to the Summary field in the values tab, then next to "Summary" choose Synopsis from the drop down list. Then click OK. Now when you sync events and documents, these values should be synced together. You can read about syncing here: and watch a video of it here: Jess