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Using Scrivener and thenremoving one input leaves the synced version in Aeon 2.3

Thu, 29 Apr 2021 16:34:20 GMT

The combination works fine, but I have just realised that a document in scrivener seems to to stay in Aeon, even after the original is deleted in Scrivener. I had one document that got 'very' updated by the author, so I entered the new one and deleted the first one, in Scrivener. The new on syncs fine... and then I find the marooned older info is still in Aeon!!! Is there a way to find such'no longer attached' items in scrivener??? There may be many :-( Kind regards Palle

Mon, 03 May 2021 05:59:05 GMT

Hi Palle, When you say that the document in Scrivener seems to stay in Aeon, even after the original is deleted in Scrivener, do you mean that the event it was linked to still exists? If you are looking for events in Aeon Timeline that were synced to deleted Scrivener documents, then you can find this under the Events tab in the sync binder - they will be listed under the heading "Events linked to deleted items". If you right click an event in this list, and choose "Reveal in Timeline" it will take you to this event in the timeline. Note that if you deleted the document in Scrivener so that it went to the Trash folder (as opposed to deleting it completely), then the events will not be in this list, as the document still exists in Scrivener (it has just been moved to the Trash folder). Jess