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End Date Default Question

Tue, 17 Apr 2018 14:45:46 GMT

Is there a way to default the "End Date" of a new Event to be 24:00 vs 0:00? The reason this is important can be demonstrated in the following example: I'm building a timeline of US Presidential Terms: Title - Presidential Term - Martin Van Buren Start - Saturday 04 Mar 1837 0:00:00 Duration - I let this auto fill out End - Thursday 04 Mar 1841 24:00:00 The above is what it should be. However, I have to put "4" two times because it defaults to "04 Mar 1841 0:00:00" which automatically turns it back to "03 Mar 1841 24:00:00" until I put the 4 in a second time OR go to the effort of changing it to 24:00:00 manually. Hope this makes sense. Not a major issue unless you are doing a timeline that covers 1200 years of world history like I'm doing /sigh.

Tue, 17 Apr 2018 14:48:10 GMT

Also, if there was a way to default the start date to the previous end date that would rock!

Tue, 17 Apr 2018 14:58:55 GMT

NOTE: For those that care for extreme detail, yes, I realize their term didn't end at midnight, but for my purposes, having the presidents overlap a single day isn't an issue /wink.

Wed, 18 Apr 2018 02:38:15 GMT

Hi, I assume where you are talking about putting the "4" in two times you are referring to using the date picker(the calendar icon)? The issue you see is coming about because of the way we display end dates (you can read about that here: When you use the date picker to choose a day for the end date it automatically takes on the time that it currently has. So when you are adding an event, if it begins as 04 Mar 1837 0:00:00, if you use the date picker to select 04 Mar 1841, then it assumes the date is 04 Mar 1841 0:00:00. This is the same time as 3 Mar 1841 24:00:00, which is why it gets converted to this. (instead of 04 Mar 1841 24:00:00). This is why when you use the date picker to select the 4 again, it now gives the date you want (04 Mar 1841 24:00:00, because it is automatically choosing the time displayed (24:00:00)) There is no way to default the time of the end date at the moment, besides manually typing the time in before you choose the day. There is also no way to default the start date to the previous entered end date. When adding an event it either defaults to the date in the middle of the timeline screen (if you add an event using the menu/icon) or the date where you double click on the timeline. Jess

Thu, 19 Apr 2018 00:40:44 GMT

Thank you for the information.