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No idea how to show age of person in view

Tue, 05 Jun 2018 11:05:24 GMT

I stumbled on this timeline : I noticed that the individuel ages of characters are shown on the corsslinks between events and the persons that are in the event. I have no idea what type of view this is. Any one can help me out? Greetings

Craig Schiller
Tue, 05 Jun 2018 12:08:38 GMT

That's a view of a timeline in the old Aeon Timeline 1 program. See answer below to see the ages.

Wed, 06 Jun 2018 05:38:34 GMT

In Aeon Timeline 1 the relationship view was shown on the timeline as in the picture, however in Aeon Timeline 2 it is now a separate view which you can access by clicking the Relationship View icon on the toolbar (the grid icon). This displays a grid with all the events on the left, and all the entities (eg. characters) along the top. Intersections will show what characters appeared in each events, and their ages for the event. Jess