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When ungrouped, all events disappear

Mon, 19 Oct 2020 12:01:13 GMT

Hi - I am new to Aeon Timeline and have been using it for about a week. All of a sudden, today when I want to look at all my events on the timeline ungrouped, they will not display. I just get a blank span of time. If I group all the events by character or arc, they appear. But when I select none, the screen is blank. Is this a bug or did I somehow do something to make this happen? I want to add - all I did in the app today was assign some previously unassigned events to arcs. Once every event was assigned to an arc, the ability to view all events without being grouped disappeared. [Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 7](// [Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 7](//

Mon, 19 Oct 2020 22:55:36 GMT

Hi, Sorry you have come across this problem. We are not too sure what could have caused it at this point. What happens when you zoom on the ungrouped view, does this change anything? Have you tried scrolling vertically up and down the screen, in case the switching of views has left you in a weird position vertically, relative to your events? When you are in the ungrouped view, what happens when you search for an event you know exists (eg. search for Christopher, does it then scroll to any location/event?) If you can send through your timeline file to us at, this will help us try to reproduce the issue and work out why this is happening. Jess

Sun, 25 Oct 2020 19:35:59 GMT

Thanks for the reply - it seems to have fixed itself.