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Adjustable LEAP YEARS for timelines in fantasy novels

Wed, 24 Oct 2018 13:26:49 GMT

Hi, I'm experimenting with the free trial to see if your software would be a nice addition along side Scrivener to aid me with my planning and worldbuilding. However, a first big roadblock I ran into is the apparent lack of a leap year setting. Am I just missing this? And if not, can we expect this sometime soon? It would help me decide to buy the software if it was added! I understand it seems like an unimportant feature but it's throwing of my characters ages and my brain can't handle it. On a less important note: 1. If you added the feature, it would also help the fantasy-book-writers-and-such among us to have the option to not just adjust the number of days in a month to the leap year, but the number of months as well (my days stay the same, there's just an extra month), or for other people maybe also the number of weeks. 2. And as we are making wishes anyway: it would also help to have the option of leaving out the leap year at some point (let's say for example once every 500 years or even better at a randomly chosen point). Sorry for that, they haven't figured out astronomy yet in my world so they're just making do with the moon and the seasons (and sadly moons don't follow seasons neatly). Thanks in advance for your time and response!

Wed, 24 Oct 2018 23:58:17 GMT

Hi, At the moment you are able to adjust the number of days in each month for your leap year in the custom calendar function. You can access this in Timeline Settings (the cog icon) -> Edit Calendar. Note that you can only create a custom calendar with an empty timeline. If you expand the Months column and click on a month name, on the right side it displays the number of days in a regular year and the number of days in a leap year. This is changeable for each month. You can also add/delete months and change their names in this window. In terms of when leap years occur, this is set to follow the same setup in our current Gregorian calendar (every 4 years, but not every 100 except for every 400). This is not changeable at the moment, the only thing you can choose is whether your era has leap years or not. In the long term future we will look at adding more flexibility in this area. You can read about custom calendars here: Jess