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Calculating time between "point in time" events

Mon, 04 May 2020 17:53:47 GMT

I have a number of events that happen in a day and what I would like is to see the time that has elapsed between the proceeding event and the next. I know that if there is an activity that takes place over a period of time, for example. "Avengers Assemble" and it takes a week for that to happen, I can see the elapsed time (7 days) But if I have events like "Damsell in distress is rescued" and sometime later, "hero notices Damsell is sick"...each is a single point of time but the time between two singular points in time, is not displayed nor can I find an option to have it shown. It will help me as a writer to assess and visualize the timing and the impact to the story,. . . "Wait, what? It takes the hero a month to notice she's sick? That's way too long..!" or"hmmm.. need it to take that long for him to notice so I had better make sure that the illness is only hinted at" and so forth... I hope that makes sense.