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Characters disappeared after IOS version editing

Wed, 07 Aug 2019 10:51:33 GMT

yesterday I bought the iOS version of Aeon Timeline. After editing the file on my iPAD downloading from Dropbox I have lost all the Characters profile: the file relaoded on my desktop version of Aeon Timeline dose not show the Chacters Section. The same relaoding on the iPAD version. Is there a possible solution for this problem?

Wed, 07 Aug 2019 10:59:03 GMT

the deletion of the Charcters probably succeded after I tried to visualise the data in a specific character. The windows was not opened and then the Chacters Section disappeared forever.

Wed, 14 Aug 2019 00:31:13 GMT

Hi, Sorry to hear that you had problems syncing your timeline with the iOS version. Are you able to give more clarification on the issue? From what I understand you had a timeline file that you created on your desktop computer, which contained a number of characters. Then you opened this file on the iOS version of the application via Dropbox. You did some editing in the iOS version, but then when you reopened the file on the desktop again, your characters had disappeared? When you say that the Characters Section disappeared forever, do you mean that your timeline file no longer has any characters, or you are no longer able to open the Manage Entities window? You might be able to access a backup of your file that occurred before this happened, and see if it has your characters. If go to File->Options (on Windows) or Aeon Timeline 2->Preferences (on Mac) under the heading "Automatic Backup" you will see the folder where they are stored. You can try to open some of these to see if they also have the problem. If you send us through your timeline file to, then we can look and see if we can work out what the problem is. Jess