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cpu / gpu optimization ?

Sun, 17 Jan 2021 00:38:37 GMT

Hi, When using the app and multitasking with other apps (Word for exemple) : display of the other app is bugged.

Mon, 18 Jan 2021 04:59:10 GMT

Hi, Are you able to go into more detail by what you mean that the "display of the other app is bugged?" What operating system are you using? Jess

Mon, 18 Jan 2021 17:49:14 GMT

Hi, thanks for your answer. (Windows 10 / graphics drivers updated). Screen flashing in fact (black flashes) on some parts of the other app interface

Tue, 19 Jan 2021 05:22:23 GMT

(happens when events number > 100/150 + lot of data)

Fri, 22 Jan 2021 02:12:05 GMT

Hi, Thanks for that, we will look into it and see if we can reproduce it. Jess

Fri, 22 Jan 2021 10:15:58 GMT

Yes, if you can. According to me : that's a main issue. For info : with another timeline, at now (with another structure but still in fiction), with less than 15 events and very few notes and other data : i do not face anymore. So, linked to graphic memory management I think (cpu / gpu) but quite strange anyway : sometimes not bugging.