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Default date for new events

Sat, 31 Aug 2019 08:42:24 GMT

I'm loving Aeon Timeline for organising my epic fantasy novel (with a custom calendar), but I'm finding it rather tedious to add events. The interface always defaults back to the first date I entered, but my plot spans a couple of decades so I have to keep changing the year whenever I add a new event. It would be really helpful to have an option for the default date for new events be the same as the last date in the timeline, or the last date entered. Also, an option to hide the seconds in the time display (instead of having to delete them every time) would be great - I suspect that most writers are not plotting events on a second-by-second basis!

Tue, 03 Sep 2019 01:19:40 GMT

Hi, Thanks for your suggestions regarding date entry. In terms of what the program does now, if you are adding dates via the timeline view, then it defaults to the date that is represented by the middle of the timeline screen (if you are adding events via the plus sign or the menu item), or if you are adding dates by double clicking on the timeline, then it defaults to the date where you have clicked. If you are adding events in the relationship view, then it defaults to the date of the event at the top of the window. Date entry is something that we are looking at improving for the next version, so we will take your suggestions under consideration. In terms of the default precision when adding events, this is dependent on the zoom level of the timeline view when you add a new event, however the ability to choose this is something we have been asked before, so it is on our list of things to consider in a future version. Jess