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Enhancements to Relationship View

Sun, 21 Mar 2021 14:02:54 GMT

Hi I recently bought Aeon for use with Scrivener and I'm loving it, so thank you. But there a few changes to the Relationship View that would really help me, so I thought I'd add them to the wish list. 1. For Characters, mostly I just want to see their ages at the row/column intersection, and the icons feel like multi-coloured clutter that I have to read around. Would it be possible to introduce an option to hide them, or at least vastly reduce their prominence, for entities displaying age data? My desire to understand the difference between Observers and Participants is feeble compared to my desire for a clean interface. 2. I wish there was some way to show the offset between the Start Dates of non-consecutive events. Providing this could be part of a general enhancement to the Range Tab i.e. when two or more Events are selected, it could show aggregate properties as well as the existing common properties. In this case, the aggregate properties would be the maximum and minimum start dates in the selection. 3. Related to the above, what about an extra vertical scale, beside the Offsets, showing cumulative time? It should be possible to drag, or otherwise anchor, the top of the line to a particular event. Then it would add time from the start date of that event. 4. A negative age currently works to signal that a character is not yet born, but I'd like to know when he/she is dead? Maybe just put the age in italics if either Not Born or Dead? 5. Navigation and Editing requires a great deal of switching between keyboard and mouse. Can you at least enable the cursor keys to move between events (Up/Down) and maybe entities (Right/Left)? 6. I'd really appreciate more flexibility in the screen layout. Being able to adjust the width of the event names and the depth of the header would be very helpful. It would be great too, to be able to put the Inspector pane next to the Event names. Possibly you could consider making it a floating panel, or at least have the option to move it to the left hand edge. 7. It would be useful to be able to filter by, maybe even group by, some of the metadata associated with events. For example, I'd like to filter/group events according to their "Based On" link. 8. Finally, better visibility for old eyes? I've played with the Windows Settings and the different skins in Aeon, but the contrast is still low for me. A new scheme or two, preferably dark with higher contrast, might make it easier to pick out elements that are now quite dim. Thanks for reading!

Sun, 21 Mar 2021 20:58:41 GMT

A clarification on point 1 above. I've just twigged that age is not shown until a character is actually assigned a role in the event. Wouldn't it be possible to show ages anyway? It would make it a great deal easier to assign characters to events knowing already what ages they were (especially with the help of point 4 viz. the age in italics if they are unavailable due to being dead or not born).

Mon, 22 Mar 2021 01:12:22 GMT

Hi, Thanks for all your suggestions. We don't have any of them planned in the short term for the next release of Aeon Timeline, but we will add them to our list of possible features to look at adding in the future. In regards to point 7, I wasn't sure if you were aware, you can filter/group the events in Relationship view by some metadata, just not the one you were asking for (Based On). You can filter by date, properties and entity/role associated with the event, plus you can group by entity type. Jess

Mon, 22 Mar 2021 08:18:20 GMT

Thanks Jess. I appreciate the response. If I just had to emphasize two of the suggestions, first would be the option to show age without assigning the character to an event, and second would be displaying time between non-consecutive events. Thanks again.