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Event-Specific Formatting or Hiding Unused Roles

Wed, 05 Jun 2019 23:11:44 GMT

Hi, I've only had the program a few days but I am really happy with the product, just a few suggests re formatting events. Would it be possible to have different display settings depending on certain event tags? For example, events with "Birth" or "Death" tags might hide the event title and just show a marker until it is hovered over. In a similar way to a word processor's formatting styles, I guess. A simpler approach might be to optionally hide "Roles" which don't have any values. I suppose one other suggestion would be to have the option to change an event with children into a "Frame" or "Group", without any event data and let users hide/show the children events by clicking/tapping anywhere in the minimized frame. Essentially allow the user to hide all the "Roles" using the above method. As an aside can we have it so all events expand on clicking the event, rather than the small (+) symbol? Thanks

Sun, 09 Jun 2019 01:12:14 GMT

Hi, We are planning to look at adding different event types and will consider looking at the different ways these are to be displayed. In terms of expanding the event always when clicking on it, the reason we don't do it this way is because some users might just want to edit the event's information, not expand it, and this automatic functionality can be disruptive. For example, we did have functionality that automatically expanded and collapsed parent events at certain zoom levels, but removed it due to complaints that people wanted to choose when the events expanded themselves. Jess