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export data on CSV for Project

Thu, 08 Jul 2021 14:57:17 GMT

I have a project's schedule that I exported into CSV so that I can see it in Excel. However, the export is adding seconds into my start date column, such as: 01 July 2020 12:00:00AM. In fact, I don't need the time added at all as part of the start date. Any way to tweak this before it exports? Incidentally, I don't see the point in having seconds showing up at all when I add an event to my fiction outlines or in my projects. How can I switch that off all together? The hour alone is suffient for my needs. Thanks!

Fri, 09 Jul 2021 02:03:03 GMT

Hi, No unfortunately there is no way to not export time to csv at the moment. This is something we plan to improve on in the next version, where it will only export time if the event has a time in the inspector, although that might not be exactly what you are after. In terms of having seconds show up when you add an event to your project, this is dependent on your zoom level. If you are zoomed in a lot (eg looking at events/timeline window within a short time period), then it will have seconds as a default, if you zoom out more then its default precision gets smaller (eg. days, months etc.) You can also modify event's dates in the inspector after they have been added to remove the second component. Jess

Fri, 09 Jul 2021 19:39:28 GMT

Where there's a will, there's a probate attorney, as a lawyer friend likes to say. I can think of three ways to do what's needed. First, the obvious. Export your CSV file and open it in Apple Numbers. Or Excel, I'm sure it will do something similar to Numbers. Click on the C to highlight column C, the start date column. Now command-click on E to add column E to your selection. It's the end data column. With both columns selected (or one at a time, it doesn't matter) open the format inspector and click the "Cell" selector at the top, where it has Table, Cell, Text, and Arrange. Select Date & Time in the Data Format window. Choose the date format you want (or none). In the Time field, choose the time format you need. None, 7 PM, 19:08, whatever you want. Delete any columns you don't need. Export to CSV. You can export to the same name you started with, if you want. Or, Easy Data Transform is a great tool for manipulating data. It's on sale at, along with Aeon Timeline. It's probably more than you want to spend for just this, but I've found uses for it beyond what I bought it for (waging a war of data against a crooked property tax office). You can follow government money across related spreadsheets, fix formatting problems in mail-merge files, all kinds of stuff. It's overkill for just this - but it's cool. Or, learn a little Python. My guess, you could read the input file, fix the date format, and write out to a new CSV file in, guessing, eight lines of code. Eight lines. It's not much, and you would just run it from the command prompt. Happy time-lining.