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Keep Selected Event Centered When Zooming

Tue, 09 Jun 2020 17:11:06 GMT

One problem I often have is zooming in and having the area of interest disappear off one or the other side of the window. I try to get one event in the exact center, but it's hard to keep it from scrolling away. Perhaps there's already a solution to this problem. If not, my suggestion is that when one event is selected and it's within the current window, that increasing the zoom keep that event visible in the window, scrolling right or left as necessary. Thanks.

Fri, 12 Jun 2020 00:41:34 GMT

Hi, How are you zooming into your timeline? (eg. are you using a trackpad, mouse or the zoom bar in the program?) If you are using the trackpad or mouse, then the program will zoom where the mouse is located on screen, so you can hover it over the event you are interested in to zoom into - this might be easier than trying to get it exactly in the centre. It still might move a little, but it would be easier to adjust it. However we will take your suggestion into consideration, as we agree that this could be useful. Jess

Sat, 13 Jun 2020 14:22:09 GMT

Yes, that works fine (putting mouse cursor on event then scrolling with the scroll wheel), thanks. But I see that I must put the mouse cursor exactly on the center of the little diamond of the event. If it's to the right, the event will scroll to the left and vv. Knowing that, however, solves my problem. Thanks!