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Max File Size & import of files

Wed, 03 Jan 2018 02:59:44 GMT

Hi, Firstly, thanks for Aeon. It's a great App. I particularly love the hierarchy. Secondly, What is the maximum file size? What is the maximum number of events? How is Aeon storing its information - in a CSV file? or something more robust? Would you consider setting up some sort of heavy duty database as a backend in order to make filesize virtually limitless? I think good storage is crucial to Aeon's expansion and development. If I could vote for any one feature it would be this. We're all dealing with more and more information every day and we need ways to arrange and store it. There's heaps of dinky software and little online apps that let you make timelines but there's almost nothing that let's you work on massive research projects. I almost paid and exorbitant amount for Timestream because it allows users to import and store images and PDFs and Word documents and is able to cope with large filesizes and a tonne of information...but it doesn't have Aeon's hierarchy. Likewise the import of images and documents and the drag'n'drop adding of attachments (as in g reat file managers like MyBase and TheBrain and in Academic software) would massively improve Aeon's utility. Students need to be able to attach journals, journalists need to be able to attach articles, attorneys need to attach briefs, doctors need to attach casenotes, scriptwriters need to attach storyboards, film buffs need to attach screengrabs etc. I would gladly pay more than $300 dollars if Aeon had this kind of functionality. A rightclick option to import linked files might be a good idea for current users. Maybe also a menu option to import all linked files. Thanks for your time.

Sun, 07 Jan 2018 05:22:40 GMT

Hi, Thanks for the compliments, I am glad you are enjoying the application. There is no fixed maximum file size or maximum number of events, however the performance of the application will slow down when using a very large number of events and entities (the amount will also depend on your computer). Our next update for the application does include improvements in this area, so that the program will be more efficient for a large amount of events than before. Our data is currently stored as an xml file, with the next update converting to JSON file, a database backend is not our roadmap to implement. The ability to import images and documents is also included in our next update. Drag and dropping images is not included yet, however is something we will consider in the future. Jess