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More Robust Entities and Reverse How Entities and Roles Are Added.

Wed, 29 Aug 2018 04:35:18 GMT

I would like to see entities extended by giving types and rolls more options, allowing entities to have their own properties and relations, and by reversing how they are added to events. Entity types would function much as they do now, but you would also gain the ability to set a limit on how many entities of that type can be associated with a single event. So, for example, you could set location entities so that each event can only have one. Conversely, character entities could be set so that any number could be added to an event. Similarly, rolls would let you choose if you can only have one of that roll per event and if they're mutually exclusive with any other roles. So you could have any number of characters in the participant role, but no character could be both a participant and an observer. Additionally, you'd be able to select how a role is filled. Normally, this would just be a binary check, either the character has the observer role or they don't. Others might be properties or relationships. For example, a case entity might have the detective role, that would be filled with a character entity that is connected to the event. Some types of entities might not take any roles, like locations which are fully defined by their type. Entities would then get their own details. Some of these could be stand alone properties that are mostly there for reference, like assigning languages to character entities. Others could be relationships with other entities that carry defined inheritances. For example, you might give a character a relationship with their place of work and have basically nothing carry across that link. Conversely, you might have a building relate to a city that then relates to a country and have full inheritance, such that if you add the building as a locations for an event, that event would also count as being in both the city and the country. Finally, events would gain an entities tab, which would allow you to add entities directly and view them grouped by type. Then, once an entity is added you would be able to assign any rolls it has. Once done selecting an entity's roles, you would be able to collapse it, to help minimize clutter and provide a quick overview of the entities connected to an event. Similarly, the Roles tab would be changed to only list roles that have associated entities, allowing you to more quickly see what roles are relevant to an event and filled, rather than having to sort through a large list of unfilled and irrelevant roles.

Thu, 30 Aug 2018 02:36:39 GMT

Hi, Thanks for your feedback. We do plan to add in the future the ability to have more robust entities with things such their own properties and relations, so we will take your suggestions on board when looking at this. In terms of entity types and roles, at the moment you can change it to define whether events can have one or many. For example, in the Fiction template an event can have multiple locations, however if you open Timeline Settings/Entity Types/Place, you can deselect the option "Allow multiple event", and then an event can only have one location. You can select or deselect this option for any Role, so for example characters already allow this in the template, so you can have multiple characters be a participant for an event, but you can change this to only have on if you wish. Roles are already mutually exclusive - so at the moment no character can be both a participant and observer for the one event. Jess

Thu, 30 Aug 2018 06:18:34 GMT

I was aware of roles, currently, being mutually exclusive. I was actually thinking of the reverse case, where you might not want them to be, for that part of the suggestion. For example, in a mystery, a character might have both the Susspect and Witness roles.