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Navigate with arrow keys

Wed, 03 Jan 2018 03:19:43 GMT

I know this one has already been requested but I thought I'd upvote it. I need a quick way to move around in Aeon and speedread through summaries. Clicking about can get tedious so I'd like to navigate through events with the arrow keys (or with some alternative shortcut keymap e.g. a w s d). Maybe we could have up & down for parents, left & right for siblings. Scrivener can only go up and down, let's utilize Aeon's 2nd dimension. Thanks.

Sun, 07 Jan 2018 05:12:26 GMT

Hi, There are already shortcut keys to navigate through the selected events - if you have an event selected you can use "Ctrl + [" (Windows) or "Cmd + [" (Mac) to move backwards through events, and "Ctrl + ]" (Windows) or "Cmd + ]" (Mac) to move forwards through events. Jess