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Notes & Gage Line

Mon, 25 Mar 2019 19:28:39 GMT

We should be able to add our own notes to each entry, which might include text and images. We need a line perpendicular to the timeline to see how each entry relates to others. Now, all you can do is eyeball if events line up with each other or how they relate in time to each other.

Tue, 26 Mar 2019 11:09:10 GMT

Hi, You can already add notes and images to events. If you are using the Desktop version: If you click on the event you wish to add to, then open the inspector (the 'i' symbol), then click on the Values tab. The majority of templates have the property "Summary" which lets you write text notes for that event. You can also rename this field, or add more text fields for notes via Timeline Settings (the cog icon). You can add images via the Links tab in the inspector. Click on the green plus sign next to "Image" You can read about the Inspector here:, Timeline Settings here: and Images here: If you are using the iPad version: Tap on the event you wish to add to, and the inspector will appear. Similarly to the Desktop version, most templates will have a "Summary" option where you can add notes to by tapping on this option, or you can add more text fields in Settings (the cog icon). You can also a dd images via the inspector by tapping on the "No Image" area. You can read about editing event information here:, Settings here: and Images here: In regards to your request to have vertical lines to line up events, earlier versions of the product did have this for every event, but it was found to clutter the screen too much. However we are working on the ability to have user defined vertical lines in the next version. Jess