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QuickAdd Event

Wed, 03 Jan 2018 04:06:45 GMT

I quite like the "doubleclick to add event" feature but I feel that generally the workflow for adding events with the popup menu is time-consuming and involved and it feels little redundant if you already have the inspector open. Could we have a second way to add events? Perhaps you could add 2 quick-add-buttons (and shortcuts) in the middle of the toolbar. One button for +child-event and one button for +sibling-event. Then Instead of a popup menu users just type the event-title in place on the timeline. This might really speed things up, letting users set the hierarchy without bothering with the popup menu or inspector. WORKFLOW 1. Select an event on the timeline 2. Hit the child or sibling button/shortcut 3. type the title (in place on the timeline without a menu) then hit ENTER or just click on the event 4. drag the event left or right to get the date right. 5. Extra editing could be done later in the Inspector A different way of implementing this would would be to make the the "doubleclick to add event" conditional on where users click. Like if they double click on a child-event it automatically creates a sibling-event, or if they doubleclick on a parent-event Aeon automatically creates a child-event. The F2 shortcut might also be useful for quickly editing event-titles either on the timeline or as a way to jump to the Title field of the Inspector.

Sun, 07 Jan 2018 05:10:13 GMT

Hi, What you are describing is similar to how our new iOS version will work when released, so it maybe something that we look at revising at a later date for the desktop version. However in terms of time taken to add events, you can use the current system as a similar version to what you are describing. If you double click to add an event, the title field is already highlighted so you can just type the title and hit Enter. This would take about the same time as if you were typing in place on the timeline, and then you can edit data later by dragging the event left/right or using the inspector. This only doesn't work for is adding Child Events - however you quickly make an event a child event by clicking and dragging it to the parent event while holding the "Ctrl" button (on Windows) or the Cmd button (on Mac). If an event if already a parent event, you can double click inside it to have the new event automatically assigned as a child event. Jess