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Sat, 19 Jun 2021 10:45:00 GMT

I have a very simple but large timeline. Most events had a start date only, but a few had ranges. I was looking at zooming and bookmarks, which I have never used and I changed the zoom range. A vertical line appeared along the left side of my timeline with entries like 5d, 1y, etc. next to each event. Also in the range tab, every entry now has an end date. Any idea what I have done? I would like the vertical line along the left to disappear and revert to the old appearance. I did not intend to have any nested events. I don't even really understand dependencies, so I don't think I had any of those. Thanks.

Sun, 20 Jun 2021 10:55:47 GMT

Hi, When you see the vertical line on the left of the timeline, are you looking at timeline view, or relationship view? There is a vertical line that is shown on relationship view similar to what you describe, where it is showing the time between consecutive events. However I'm not sure how you would have turned it on, as it doesn't have anything to do with zooming or zoom ranges. To turn it off, you need to press the button on the far left just above the list of events, that looks like a numbered list. This toggles these values on and off. If it is on timeline view that you are seeing this line then are you able to post a screenshot of what you are seeing? In terms of your event dates, there shouldn't have ever been events that don't have an end date. When you add events that don't have a duration (eg. they last for 0 seconds), then by default their end date is the same as their start date. They don't have a range, but their end date is still displayed in the range tab. When you say that every entry now has an end date, do you mean that before they didn't have one at all, and the box was blank, or that before the end date was the same as the start date, but now it has changed? Jess