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Setting Categories of Events

Sun, 02 Jun 2019 23:22:45 GMT

How would I set this up. I have categories: Historical events, character events, Important dates Under each of those categories, I'd like to include the actual events. Historical Events: Fall of the Berlin Wall Declaration of Independence Character Events: MC meet first time Travel to town Important Dates: Mom's birthday Susie dies These are just examples, but you get the idea. I'm not quite understanding the way entities and events are coordinating. Thanks in advance for the help.

Mon, 03 Jun 2019 00:19:00 GMT

Hi, If you wish to set up a way to sort your events into the above categories, then you can create an entity type called "Category" (if one doesn't exist already, it depends on the template). You can do this by going into Timeline Settings (the cog icon), expanding "Entity Types" and clicking the green plus sign to add a new one called "Category". At this point, you would probably also name the Role "Category" aswell. Your entities will then be all the categories you want to use. You can add an entity via the "Manage Entities" dialog, or via the add Entity toolbar icon. You would add one called "Historical Events", one called "Character Events", one called "Important Dates" and any other categories you would like. Then you can assign the event to the category that it belongs to. If you click on the event, open the inspector and go to the Roles tab, next to Category you can pick which one it belongs to. This will allow you to Filter (pipe icon) or to Group (four horizontal bars icon) your events by Category. An event is something that happens at a particular time with a particular duration, and is what is shown on the timeline. Entities are objects which can be associated with events. Each entity has a type (eg. character, location etc.) In your case, you want to be able to associate a category with an event. Therefore you have an entity type of "Category", while you have entities such as "Historical Events" which belong to this type, which you can associate with your events. You can email us at or post here if you have anymore questions. If you haven't seen already our support pages are here: and we have some help videos here: Jess