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Settings/Manage Entities window size fix

Thu, 27 Dec 2018 04:57:48 GMT

One change I would like to see is either an ability to resize the windows or an automatic resizing of the windows to take into account the size of the users screen. In particular, I find working with many entities and entity types makes those management/setting menus very long-scrolled and unwieldy. When creating and sorting new entities, I need to scroll up and down the list repetitively, using the little arrow buttons to move it to the desired place, or as near as I can before needing to scroll again. I've only added a dozen or two dozen character entities for a project that will eventually record hundreds or even thousands, and I fear it may become unusable without some functionality to better manage and sort entity lists.

Sat, 29 Dec 2018 03:10:56 GMT

Hi, Thanks for the suggestion. We have had the ability to resize windows requested before, and a better system to manage entities, so it is something we will consider adding in the future. Jess