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"Slideshow"/"Play" function?

Mon, 04 Nov 2019 05:07:15 GMT

Hello, In PowerPoint or Keynote, there are two modes that everyone uses, one where we create and edit slides, and the other where we show them to the world, "Slide Show". I remember that another timeline application called BeeDocs Timeline , which I used to use long ago, had something like that (with a rather cool-looking 3D effect to zoom in on the current event). I'm a university professor, and, although I sometimes use Aeon Timeline for my own research, I use it more often for classes. It would be wonderful to be able to switch to a "Play" mode and click a "Next" button to move from event to event to show students. Is this something that has been considered or that other users would find useful? Thanks for reading.

Wed, 06 Nov 2019 22:45:04 GMT

Hi, Thanks for the suggestion, we agree that this is a good idea and would be helpful to users, so we will add it to our list of possible features to add in the future. Jess

Sat, 09 Nov 2019 05:57:21 GMT

That would be wonderful. I've found that BeeDocs Timeline still works (although development doesn't seem to be active) so I'm manually recreating my main documents in that program. It isn't very satisfactory because it doesn't seem to be at all customizable, so if you add a few too many words to an entry people can't really see it very clearly anyway. Talking of customization, are there any plans to allow users to change typefaces and font sizes?