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Syncing start/end date

Sat, 08 Sep 2018 21:21:15 GMT

Hello ! Quickly : I created many events in Aeon and I synced with Scrivener, using the Binder to create a file for each event in my Scrivener project. It worked very well, BUT : how can I organise my files in Scrivener ? I tried to sync start/end date, and I get many different versions : Sat 9 May 912 NN, Sat 16 May 19:00 912 NN, 912 NN... Because of my definitions for these start dates, some are set on a year, some others on a precise day, or a precise hour... Well, in Scrivener, I created a custom metadata "Start Date", in order to sort my Scriv files by Start Date... What did I get ? All the dates have been sorted... As if the date was a text expression. It means that all the "Sat..." files are side by side, then all the "912 NN" (or other numbers), etc, etc... You could set up something more efficient, maybe considering the timestamp instead of a text string containing the date in many different forms ? Or, is there a way to organise "chronological" sorting of the files in Scriv, depending of the order of the events synced in Aeon Timeline ? (maybe by syncing a simple ID, that would be automatically updated when moving an event in Aeon Timeline ?) Thank you ! Cheers !

Tue, 11 Sep 2018 01:31:40 GMT

Hi, Unfortunately no, there is no way to sync these dates or other values that results in Scrivener files being sorted into the same order as the linked Aeon Timeline events. It is something we will look at when we look to improve the Scrivener syncing process in the future. Jess