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Update 2.3.18

Fri, 10 Sep 2021 15:19:25 GMT

I see that there's an update on the Apple app store to 2.3.18 ("minor fixes and updates to comply with recent MacOS updates"). Is this available to those of us who bought the software from the website directly? The "check for updates"-button tells me that 2.3.16 is "currently the newest version available."

Mon, 13 Sep 2021 06:25:02 GMT

Hi, The only change in 2.3.18 was us adding an ability to notify App Store users when version 3 is released, since it will be swapping to a different Apple account and we otherwise would have left them in the dark. This was suggested to us by two separate Apple development support personnel, but we deliberately left the description vague because Apple reviewer's are known to pick arbitrary fights at time over things go anywhere near a gray area of Apple's official guidelines (regardless of whether other team members tell us to do exactly that). Therefore this update is not necessary for website purchasers, because the automatic update mechanism already allows us to notify them. Jess