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Update the forum?

Thu, 15 Aug 2019 20:34:18 GMT

It's slow, and it's a nightmare. Having a tag system would help a lot. Like if I could search for posts that are only for windows vs mac Aeon timeline 1 vs 2, that would help a lot. Instead, you have help and feature requests going back years, it's unclear which OS and which version of AT they are referring to frequently. I'm trying to figure out entities and their possibilities, for example, and there are numerous contradictory posts about whether entities have birth/death fields or whether you need to use separate events for birth death or whether it's better to use a single "life" event. The best practices for something basic like this seems like it wouldn't be too hard to knock out and make available. Considering you're a small development company, maybe try to harness the power of your users. Many users are probably writers, trying to promote themselves and their work. You could easily allow fans to compete to create tutorial videos for AT and link the best video. The fans can crosspost the video on their website/blog or Yyoutube channel or whatever they a re trying to support. Keep pinned "FAQ" thread somewhere and this would probably cut down on your support and feature requests.

Mon, 26 Aug 2019 08:31:12 GMT

Hi, Thanks for your suggestions, we agree that some of them would be helpful for users. We are planning to review all our support including the forum with the release of the next version, so will take your suggestions on board then. Jess