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Wish List: Disable dragging/Custom markers/Floating titles

Fri, 21 Feb 2020 02:00:38 GMT

My wish list items have all been logged before by others so nothing new here. I just wanted to join the chorus: 1) Ability to disable dragging of events on the timeline. As I navigate around the timeline, I inadvertently slide events to a new date a little too frequently. If I had the option in settings to disable the drag feature entirely, I would be happy. 2) Ability to place reference markers on the timeline that would look and function like the “Now” marker but could be placed on any date. 3) As I zoom into a timeline, the titles of events are often lost off the left edge of the screen. If the title of a displayed event floated along the left edge of the screen and a left arrow indicated that the start was somewhere off screen in that direction would be ideal for my use.